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Museum ~ 2116 Tavern Road, Alpine, CA
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The gorilla in the tree was originally in the
Log Cabin Café on Alpine Boulevard.
Photo by Carol Walker, 2006.


From the original bell from one of Alpine's earliest schools to farm equipment used many years ago, the museums are rich with the history of the early settlers of the region.

The Foss Family was one of the first families to settle in the community of Alpine. Edward and Caroline Foss had six children; however, none of these children had children of their own. Percy and Helen lived in Alpine all their lives and, when they died with no heirs, left all of their belongings to the Alpine Community Church. The church in turn donated many wonderful items to the Society. The large bookcase located in the Beaty House is one of the marvelous things donated. It is filled with Bibles, journals, correspondence and even holds Pearl's childhood doll.

The Alpine Community Church also donated the wonderful organ located in the main room in the Beaty House. It goes into action every time Joan Waterworth enters the room and everyone loves to hear the beautiful music.

The school display in the Nichols house is another example of rich artifacts belonging to the society. It is currently in the process of renovation and will emerge better than ever by mid-2009.

A recent donation by Don Walker, Jr., of five wonderful examples of early farming equipment is on display near the Dr. Nichols Carriage House. It will be the focal point of the 2009 Alpine History Day Display.

One of the major projects on the Society's "To Do" list is to catalog all of the artifacts--those on display and those in storage. Grant money will be sought to purchase software that will assist in this project.



Alpine Historical & Conservation Society, 2116 Tavern Road, Alpine, California 91901
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