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Entrance to Alpine Cemetery. Photo by Carol Walker, 2008.


Mount Pisgah

Mount Pisgah, Alpine's Pioneer Cemetery, is located on a hillside on Willetts Road in Alpine Heights. Michael Harris has taken photographs of the cemetery and the tombstones and monuments and prepared a list of those buried in this tiny cemetery. This information may be found at the following site:


Alpine Cemetery

Alpine Cemetery, at 2495 West Victoria Drive, Alpine, California 91901, is on land donated by Benjamin R. Arnold in the late 1800's. A list of those buried in the cemetery as well as photographs of many of the tombstones, may be found at the following site:


The documentation of tombstones in these cemeteries was completed by Michael Harris in 2006.

Barbara Cater prepared a list of the following burials, through 1969, that were not included on Michael Harris' list:

Albert Otto Unknown
Barasciak Robert Unknown
Board Fanny D. 1914-1964
Bassett John C. 1894-1965
Barnes W.A. Unknown
Beatty Caroline A. 1837-1911
Buchmoyer J.M. 1905-1963
Button Lyla P. 1878-1951
Chisholm Evelyn 1916-1962
Callum M Unknown
Chapman Neda Alice 11 July 1906-7 October 1964
Dunahoo Claudia 1893-1963
Dawsey Roy B. 12 March 1879-6 April 1967
Early Zemula C. Unknown
Edwards Franes S. 22 August 1869-6 April 1957
Edgington Ray 1910
Elmer Vernon P. 1895-1962
Fleming Jeanette M. Unknown
Furlong Magda L. Unknown
Fryhofer Charles W. 1 August 1963 Aged 81 yrs. 10 mo. 10 days
Fogoolis P.F. Unknown
Fritz Alfred C. 1 January 1912-14 August 1962
Gipson Stona W. 1902-1964
Goudie Mary E. Unknown
Gaynor F.M. Unknown
Humerickhouse Joyce Arlene 1960
Hunt Herbert E. 1879-1964
Herrington Burnah B. Unknown
Hodder Frances Unknown
Iverson Elvira 1912-1966
Issacs Deann L. 1956-1966
Jennings Charles E. 1888-1964
Jennings Isabel 20 June 1891
Jones John Unknown
Kapperud Melvin H. 1890-1964
Krueger Alfred H. 1894-1963
Krueger Henrietta M. 1893
Lambert Charles Unknown
Lassier Yvonne Unknown
Marsh Clewell Unknown
McGellum Sylvan H. 1891
McGellum Caroline R. 1889-1966
Miller Blanche D. Died 22 June 1963 Age 77 yrs. 8 mo. 2 days
Miller George Unknown
Montija Narcissa Unknown
Montija Viscarra Mother 1878-1962
Notler Marguerite R. Unknown
Omeara Henry Unknown
Patton Florence 1901-1964
Peralta Salomon 1880-1962
Regan Anthony Lee Unknown
Rogers Eugene D. 1891-1962
Rogers L.M. Unknown
- - (Iowa) Pvt. 77 Depot SVC Co. ASC WWI 20
Sandell Dwight Lyman October 1894-29 May 1965
Schrieber - -
Seabourne Joe Unknown
Sharp Louis Died 16 August 1962 Aged 82 years
Shaw A.C. Unknown
Sheets Elizabeth J. 1912
Sheldon Willard C. 22 August 1869-6 April 1957
- Claude J. Died 6 July 1945 Age 56 yrs. 0 mo. 19 days
Schlegel "Lucky" Fred Unknown
Shubert - -
Underwood "Jack" A.C. 1885
Vunder Albert 1907-1963
Warburton J.H. Unknown
Walker J.W. Unknown
Whitmore Charles E. 7 April 1888-13 February 1961
Whitmore Cora 4 May 1896



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