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The Adam and Caroline Beaty House.
Photograph taken by Carol Walker, 2006.


The Adam and Caroline Beaty House was built in 1899. It was designed in what was called the "I design." This style wa common in the Tidewater South of the United States prior to 1830.

Adam Beaty built the farmhouse with his own hands based on traditional British folk house forms. The Beaty House was called "Chiquita" and was a tenant house during the remodeling of the Wheeler mansion on Rancho del Sequan.

The house was relocated to its present location from the Katherine Balentine Jenney property near Balentine Drive, one mile south of its present location at 2116 Tavern Road.

When Ted and Donna Christianson purchased the property from the Balentine/Jenney family in 1998 their plan was to build custom homes on the property. They contacted the Historical Society and offered to donate the historical building rather than to tear it down and lose this valuable piece of Alpine's history. Mr. Christianson even moved the building from its original location to its present location.



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