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Bailey’s Cafe on Alpine Boulevard in the 1950’s. From the LaForce Collection.


From the private collection of Blanche McCall, correspondent for Alpine and Mountain Empire
Note: The original document, compiled by Blanche McCall in 1990, contained copies of the actual newspaper articles. Because of the age of the documents, in April, 2005, the articles were typed by Carol Walker of the Alpine Historical Society to ensure they could be read for years to come.
Following is the note, written by Mrs. McCall, which appeared in the original document:

Dear Readers:
It recently dawned on me that the McCall family will be celebrating 50 years of living in Alpine soon. We arrived on May 30, 1941, to be exact.
This thought has rather staggered my mind and has started me on a path of reflection which led me to reviewing my writing while correspondent for Alpine and Mountain Empire News to the El Cajon Valley newspaper and sometimes the San Diego paper.
These fine Guest Writers enhanced my “Alpine Memories” and provided me with the joy of friendships to be nurtured and treasured.
I hope that you will receive as much pleasure in reading these writings as I have in gathering them into this booklet.
August, 1990
Blanche McCall, correspondent

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